Campus Pastor and Board Members

United Campus Ministry at MSUB is pleased to announce that Reverend Dwight Welch is our new campus minister. Rev. Welch grew up in Miles City and is fulfilling his dream of returning to his home state and serving in campus ministry.

After graduating from the University of Montana, he obtained master's degrees in religion and philosophy at United Theological Seminary and Southern Illinois University. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, he has served congregations in Sheridan, WY and Norman, OK and campus ministries at Kansas and Southern Illinois University. He also has taught philosophy for community colleges and plays in music ensembles. He is married to Jim Reindollar and has two cats,

We are so grateful to Rev. Stacey Siebrasse who served as our interim minister and exemplified her love of campus ministry, the students, and embracing our core values of exploring faith, working for justice, connecting spiritually, and enjoying religious community. She has moved closer to her family.

Having just celebrated our Golden Anniversary of 50 years at MSUB welcome Rev. Welch to carry us into our next 50 years!

You can reach him at or 307-763-7990
Current UCM Board Members

  • Edward Barta
Edward Barta is a native Montanan. He is a retired teacher who now lives in Billings with his wife Barbara Gunn. He and Barbara own and operate an art gallery in Nye, Montana. Edward has extensive overseas experiences. He taught in Poland, Kuwait and Tunisia and served in the Philippines as a Peace Corps volunteer. He is on the oil and gas task force of the Northern Plains Resource Council and is a member of its af´Čüliate the Stillwater Protective Association. Edward is a member of First Church and is on its Outreach committee. He volunteers as a docent at the Yellowstone Art Museum.

  • Mehmet "Mo" Casey (Vice-President)
Mo works as for the International Admission and Advising office for MSUB
  • Bob Culbertson (President)
Bob is an active member of First Presbyterian Church and has served on multiple levels of church leadership there. He served as the interim president of the board at Eagle Mount.
  • Shari Dayton
When she was chairing ‘College Connection’ at First Presbyterian Church a UCM Board member invited her to join the Board.  That was 18 years ago.  During that time we have seen some changes, especially in our fundraising and reaching out to the community.  But the one constant that holds her passion is fulfilling our pledge at baptism that we will care for these persons and provide ministry throughout their lives including during those college years.

She has been a member of First Presbyterian for the 35 years she has lived in Billings.  Her volunteering runs the gamut from baking cakes for our carnival to scheduling speakers for a Sunday School class.

  • Trudi Downer 

  •  John Greenberger
John Greenberger is a native Montanan, raised in Great Falls, but he attended college and made his career in Texas.  He received a B.A. and M.S. degrees from Baylor in Economics.  He has an extensive background in real estate, finance and technology.   He started initially with Andersen Consulting, now Accenture.  He has worked for publicly traded and privately owned real estate developers and managers, holding positions of C.O.O., C.A.O., C.T.O. and Corporate Controller. Additionally, he was the C.F.O. for UMR communications, a non-profit publisher in Dallas, that published materials for churches and printed the United Methodist Reporter.

He has been active in his churches, teaching children in Sunday School, working as a deacon and chairing various church committees such as Finance and Church Life.  He currently sits on the board of Plains Justice, an environmental group and the Yellowstone Art Museum.

He has a son with two children living in Princeton and a daughter with two children living in Houston.

  • Carol Heath
Carol was invited to be on the UCM board as the MSU-B campus representative in 2000 and has stayed on the board since retiring.  Throughout her career as an educator (teaching at St. Charles Mission Middle School, mentoring students, teaching education classes and finally as Academic Coordinator for Upward Bound) she had a commitment to all aspects of student well being including their spiritual lives. She represents Grace United Methodist Church. Carol and her husband have a blended family with most members living in other states.  They are priority when it comes to traveling.

  • Hannah Kellinger

  • Gary Waddingham
The Rev. Canon Gary Waddingham is a Billings native and the retired Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. He previously served in Wyoming and on the Cathedral staff in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the Bishop’s Canon for the eastern third of the Episcopal diocese of Montana, Diocesan Historian, President of Examining Chaplains, Deacon’s School teacher and treasurer of the Bishop Fox Co.  He has five grown sons and sixteen grand children with the seventeenth due in December.  Gary is an avid fisherman, a police chaplain, and a collector of ancient coins and seals.  More bookshelves are the most useful gifts from his children.

  • Judy Williams
Judy works at MSUB as the Associated Students of MSUB Lawyer.

Board Partners and Emeritus (Voice but not vote)
  • Lynne Erickson (Former Board Member)
  • Marc Stewart (UCC Conference Minister)
  • David Burt (UMC Assistant to Bishop)
  • Jody Anderson (Grants)
  • Walt Gulick is a Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Humanities and Religious Studies at MSUB. He first joined on the UCM in 1975 and has served almost all the years on the board since. A member of First Congregational United Church of Christ downtown, Walt has served on many committees and boards around town, including terms as president of the Billings Symphony and president of the Montana Association of Churches. He and his wife Barbara enjoy traveling, and Walt has taught in 7 different countries, including three years at a UCC mission school in Turkey.
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