Sunday, December 31, 2017

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While some basic content including an up to date calendar is on this website, for a more complete picture of who we are as a ministry including ALL events, pictures and posts, please visit our facebook page.

 1500 University Dr, Billings MT 59101, (406) 657-2165

UCM Mission Statement

The purpose of United Campus Ministry at MSU Billings is to provide a dynamic understanding of the Christian faith as it is embedded in campus life and as it reaches out to the broader community and world.

UCM does this by providing opportunities for students, faculty and staff to: explore faith, ask questions, work for justice, find support, connect spiritually and enjoy religious community.

Our core values include
Diversity- Celebrating the Uniqueness of
Our Experiences
Our Faith
Our Identities
Our Lives

Unity-Joining Together to Make
Our  Campus 
Our Community
Our World
More Loving and Just

1500 University Ave, Billings MT 59101
Office 406-657-2165